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Genetic Testing is the wave of the future!

That is what is so fascinating about this period in history. The convergence of science and technology is one of the great trends of the next decade and its happening now. 

Caligenix is exactly at the forefront of offering affordable advances science directly to consumers. We're a consumer-facing company, a consumer-facing brand. Real science with real technology will produce some fantastic products for consumers ... but adoption is critical.

We believe it was Oliver Wendell Holmes who said "I would give my life for the simplicity on the other side of complexity." That's what we're trying to achieve. You can be too "consumer-y" and not be taken seriously for the depth of your science, or you can go the other way and provide 77-page reports that, no matter how solid the science, no consumer will read.

That's one of our biggest challenges in the marketplace. Therefore we are focused on how to make the genetic testing results actionable daily. 

Another challenge is the consumer adoption question. We believe the tipping point has come for personal genomics testing and is about to take off, tens of millions of people will want to have their DNA sequenced. To date, in aggregate, across the world, for any type of genetic test, only 5 million people have done it. That's nothing in the consumer world. Nothing.

Its clear that the argument about the "right time" is over. It's happening and its happening fast.

Whenever something "happens," competition typically increases. That's what entrepreneurs do.

True, but we have some definite advantages on our side.

Scale and price are advantages ... but it's our platform model that contextually delivers to the consumer the products they want without having to re-sequence. 

The idea that you will be able to easily put your results into action ....that's our true value proposition. On that we work every day.

Our DNA journey started 2 years ago, and every day we are more excited about the impact and growth we are facing. We are calling upon our friends and family to join us in this unbelievable journey of the Caligenix Genetic Based Lifestyle. 

Genomics Festival - our team participated at the festival in San Diego and met with industry leaders and cutting edge labs. Participating at these events keeps us on top of industry trends, discoveries and keeps us educated and informed. 
Industry Leaders:

Illumina -
the leading sequencing technology offered at our lab. We are in contact with scientist at Illumina to always be informed about industry trends and cutting edge technology.

23andMe - the pioneers of genetic testing for ancestry, wellness and recently approved FDA cancer testing direct to consumer. We learn a lot from 23andMe and we differentiate by offering our clients DNA matching meal plans, consultation and most importantly genetic markers that are relevant and focused on nutrition and fitness. 

Below you will find articles that are important to review and relevant to our industry. Enjoy the read!
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The genetic testing component of employers' wellness programs is a big draw.

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Epigenetics: A Revolutionary Look at How Humans Work
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