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  • Dr. Gabi and Eliad had a successful trip to San Francisco that included the following
    • Visit at Illumina Accelerator offices and discussion with the program manager about the program and its benefits to Caligenix.
    • Meeting with the product development team at Helix headquarters. 
    • Meeting with the Digital Immersion team of Nestle for a potential collaboration. The team did our test and waiting for results. 
  • Micro DNA testing is a new concept we are developing. The goal is to reduce the initial fee for sequencing and then offer additional genetic marker analysis over a long period of time. The technology is patentable. 
  • Continuing discussions with companies that develop vitamins and supplements for B2B opportunities.  
  • Advance discussions with bioinformatic specialists regarding the set up the Caligenix Lab with illumina sequencing technology and proprietary bioinformatics infrastructure. 
  • Caligenix has been chosen to move forward in the screening process for the Illumina Accelerator
While others are looking to make Marijuana strong, Caligenix is looking to make it smarter! 

Caligenix has identified genetic markers that have a direct impact on cannabis metabolism. Our recommendation engine will guide patients to the appropriate cannabinoid levels, strains and consumption methods for their specific ailments. 

Caligenix technology blend artificial intelligence, DNA analysis, and cannabis research to personalize the cannabis experience. 

  • Last Saturday, Caligenix will be a vendor at the Beverly Hills Block Party. Our booth was very popular and we had lots of coupon claims. We also met with other businesses for potential cooperations. 
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Helix Bets An 'App Store' Can Make Consumers Care About Their DNA

Helix, spun out of DNA sequencing giant Illumina, is a bet that consumers will be more interested in paying for access to their DNA one use at a time, while leaving their data sitting in perpetuity in the company's database.

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Helix, Illumina Partner to Support Startups for DNA-Driven Consumer Products | GEN

Helix and Illumina are partnering to provide resources, funding and support to startups developing DNA-driven products for the consumer marketplace

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Nutrigenomics Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth Rate of 16.8% by 2023 - Press Release - Digital Journal

"Nutrigenomics Market"Nutrigenomics market information, by products, by techniques, by applications (obesity, diabetes, anti-aging, chronic diseases) - Global forecast till 2023Market Research Future adds new report of “Nutrigenomics Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2023” it contains Company information, geographical data and Table of Content

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Nutrigenomics: Harnessing the power of food to change your genes | Fox News
One of the best ways to achieve a healthier life is through good nutrition.

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